Gamified Research Project gives points for PTT Licenses & PTT Certificates

Participants of the gamified research program will enter automatically an evaluation program. Their participation will bring them one step closer to the PTT Certificate and PTT License.

Gamified Research Complementary Study:

The 9 Elements & The Heart Method – Experiments : Multidisciplinary Applications of the Method.


  • To utilize the 9 elements and the heart method, at a variety of fields of study, research, innovation technology or disciplines. (Multidisciplinary Applications Experiments)
  • Identify additional applications and benefits of its use.
  • Share with the scientific community, entrepreneurs and innovation technology professionals the benefits of this method.
  • Build up skills and experience in the scientific research community/network on this method.
  • Provide training and qualifications to collaborators, motivate them to become to trainers, coaches or consultants with certification and authorization to apply the method (license) with their roles.
  • Try out a gamified collaboration process

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