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The following article/presentation has been created as a guide for the organizations, teams, projects and professionals that would like to complete any stage of the self-education program on PTT (Primordial Technology Theta Know How) made available online and in the Netherlands by the LDMF Foundation.

The article/presentation focus on Guidelines and advice for the self-education, learning, process as follows:

The PTT Self-Study Program (2700+Pages) will be introduced.

The Method suggested for the self-study program will be described as well as the time necessary for a successful learning process and completion.

A self-education Workbook algorithm will be suggested as well as a Matrix for the learning program (Quick Sylver).

The value and importance of the self-study program will be suggested.

A reference to Research Projects that utilize PTT Methods will be given as well as volunteer opportunities for those projects will be suggested.

5 Learning alternatives (Modalities) will be suggested.

The Gamification of the self-study program will be explained, as well points system and gift certificates.

  • Benefits of PTT application and PTT Self-study Program
  • The PTT User Certificate
  • The PTT Guild
  • The PTT License, Trainer, Coach
  • The PTT Standard Certificate
  • LDMF Foundation Projects

Register Forms / Intentional Letters for the: PTT Self-Study Program, PTT User Certificate, PTT License, PTT Guild Membership, PTT Collaborative Research Project Collaborator, PTT Standard Certificate.

The author suggests as well training programs – similar to the one provided to coaches, and business managers, leaders (at the LDMF Foundation) – to be provided for scientists, educators, researchers, in which the principles of strategic management are applied (integrated into the Primordial Technology Theta Methods suggested: See Publications on “Methods” by the researcher).

FIELD: Emotional Intelligence, Matrix Perception, Matrix Strategic Thinking, Decision Making, Epistemology, Strategic Management, Project Management, Self-Management, Leadership, Risk Management, Strategic Business Management.

LOCATION: Presentations are provided online and at the location The Netherlands.
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